Saturday, 1 June 2013

First, we sack all the experts

This sort of thing is probably happening here, as well. The assumption is that, because anyone can take a picture with their phone, hey, you don't need professionals to take pictures.

By the same token, anyone can fire a gun, so disband the SAS.

Anyone can wave and ask: 'What do you do?' - so let's abolish the monarchy!

It's a game we can all play. And it's all down to a management cult that sees nobody as valuable apart from - guess who? - managers. Whereas I can well recall more than year spent working for an outfit that really had no day-to-day management at all, and it all went rather well. Also, it saved money on the fat salaries these largely superfluous folk require.

Or, as this guy so rightly says:

Having heard this same gabba-gabba dressed up in a hundred different suits since the 1980s, it still surprised me that anyone is still surprised to discover (A) when management becomes enamored of the theory that everyone except people like them are fungible meat bags (funbags!) that (B) everything quickly turns to a puddle of cold sick, which is (C) usually when the same management that converted a once-viable enterprise into a puddle of cold sick decides to spend an enormous pile of cash to hire a clown-car of consultants just like them to tell them that even more underlings will need to be "rightsized" onto the scrap heap.

Don't learn, you fool - manage!

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